December 11th, 2006

мечта бывшего поэта

People, it's only until January inclusively...

Kain Tapper
Studio K
23 Sept 2006 – 7 Jan 2007

In the production of Professor Kain Tapper, sculptor, the almost magical forms taken to the extreme and concrete subject choices confused visitors and stirred stormy debates back in the 1960s. Besides the sculptures, which have since become classics, the Studio K exhibition introduces drawings that look unassuming but are very strong in their atmospheres.

Ars Fennica 2007 candidates are introduced in the Ars Fennica exhibition, now for the first time in Kiasma. The candidates are Elina Brotherus (b. 1972), photographic artist, Markus Kåhre (b. 1969), sculptor, Elina Merenmies (b. 1967), painter, and Anna Tuori (b. 1976), painter.


And until next autumn:

"Landscape as a genre in art is a historically evolved convention of viewing, presenting and appreciating nature. Consequently, representations of landscapes in contemporary art should be seen as part of the tradition of landscape art and natural beauty, on which works of contemporary art seem to be commenting. They not only continue the tradition, but also distance and deconstruct it," says Hanna Johansson in her article that will be published in the exhibition catalogue. The works from Kiasma's collections shed light on the contemporary idea of a landscape.