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Politically incorrect?? Proud of it!

Riiko Sakkinen (Finland, 1976). Kiasma, 2nd floor, September, 2009.

Fragment of the art-work “Ban Antipatriotic Food” (2009).

The girl with over-doze of cosmetics on face, who pictured in the fragment, keeps the basket with strawberries in her hands. Below is the “grammatically correct” (ha-ha-ha!) text of the following content:

“Write to you the woman from Russia. My name Olga of 26 years! I to want to find the man for serious the relation in your country. I cannot find the man in Russia for myself because it is a lot of men to drink alcohol much it to not like I. I to want to create family and to live in your country. I to want to live and be sure in the future. In Russia it is not possible to live easy. I to tell about myself. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola is it 1000 km from capital Russia Moscow. My city small and beautiful. I to work the seller in shop home applicances. I the cheerful woman to like to go in for sports and do all that to like the usual person. If you to want I shall speak with you. It is possible we meeting because I can arrive to you. I shall have the visa in 7 days for your country. I to not want to waste time. Please tell to me about yourself! About your city! I to want meeting you soon!”

Contemporary art must to bring the truth for the people. And it is great!

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